The Haunting Beauty of Distrakt Art

The Haunting Beauty of Distrakt Art

What Is Distrakt Art?

Distrakt Art is a DJ and producer who has made a name for himself producing dark, sinister techno. He has cracked sound barriers across Australia and knocked the socks off crowds in Europe and America. He has worked with producers like Huoratron, NT89, Felix Cartel, and Shameboy.

His creatures are both striking and unsettling, which is part of the appeal that has drawn fans to his work. He recently sat down with CGMagazine to discuss his career, the creation of Vaesen, and what is in store for his next project. You can check out his work at his website or follow him on Instagram.

What Is Distrakt Art About?

Distrakt Art is a genre of artwork that draws inspiration from nature, fantasy, and otherworldly creatures. This style of art is also often used in film and video games to create an ethereal experience for viewers. has made a name for itself through its striking beauty and haunting atmospheres. Artist Johan Egerkrans has crafted a niche for himself with his work, which features creatures from Nordic folklore. He recently sat down with CGMagazine to talk about his latest project, the RPG Vaesen.

What Is Distrakt Art For?

Distrakt Art exhibits are immersive experiences that envelop visitors in a dreamlike state. Guests enter through a hall of mirrors and holographic paintings, which shimmer and transform as they move slowly around the room to ethereal music.

The next dome contains black-and-white optical illusions that seem to undulate as you walk by, and a larger room featuring Jones’s paintings and projection mapping art. Throughout the experience, the ambient soundtrack is tuned to match your movements, creating a truly enchanting and relaxing experience.

With his spooky, ethereal sound, Distrakt has cracked sound barriers and knocked the socks off crowds all over the world. He has performed alongside producers such as Huoratron, Gtronic, NT89, and Shameboy.

Where Can I See Distrakt Art?

With a career that spans more than a decade, Distrakt has been a name to know for anyone with an interest in dark and sinister techno music. From cracking sound barriers in Australia to rocking crowds across Europe and the United States, this artist has left an indelible mark on the electronic music scene with his unique brand of music. Check out the tracks below for a taste of what this musical prodigy has to offer.